Adsil is the parent company for the MicroGuard ® line of products. MicroGuard ® products are clear, inorganic, Siloxane coatings that protect almost any surface. Resistant to most corrosives including salt, ultraviolet, solvents, and acids, MicroGuard ® is guaranteed to extend the life of virtually any surface while enhancing appearance and reducing maintenance costs.

All Microguard products are proudly made in America!


MicroGuard1 3500 ® (aka MG1-3500) is patented and superior to traditional HVAC/R coatings.  It withstands the damaging effects of environmental corrosion, UVA light, and excessive heat and enhances the operating efficiency of new and existing units, reducing operating and environmental costs.  The clear coating enhances and maintains a unit’s natural surface appearance without distortion.

Corrosion Protection

MicroGuard® Corrosion Protection coating is ideal for all non ferrous metals, such as bronze, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper. Perfect for many uses such as medical equipment, outdoor statues, railings, and pipes, the Corrosion Protection coating preserves and prolongs the life of metals by blocking harmful UV rays and eliminating the need for costly and time consuming polishing.

Latest projects

  • MicroGuard Coated Microchannel Coil
    MicroGuard Coated Microchannel Coil
  • Carteret County Courthouse - MicroGuard AD708
    Carteret County Courthouse - MicroGuard AD708
  • Loading Units at Coating Center
    Loading Units at Coating Center

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