Adsil is the parent company for the MicroGuard ® line of products. MicroGuard ® products are clear, inorganic, Siloxane coatings that protect almost any surface. Resistant to most corrosives including salt, ultraviolet, solvents, and acids, MicroGuard ® is guaranteed to extend the life of virtually any surface while enhancing appearance and reducing maintenance costs.

All Microguard products are proudly made in America!


MicroGuard® is patented and superior to traditional HVAC/R coatings.  It withstands the damaging effects of environmental corrosion, ultra-violet light, and excessive heat and enhances the operating efficiency of new and existing units, reducing operating and environmental costs.  The clear coating enhances and maintains a unit’s natural surface appearance without distortion.

Corrosion Protection

MicroGuard® Corrosion Protection coating is ideal for all non ferrous metals, such as bronze, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper. Perfect for many uses such as medical equipment, outdoor statues, railings, and pipes, the Corrosion Protection coating preserves and prolongs the life of metals by blocking harmful UV rays and eliminating the need for costly and time consuming polishing.

Anti Skid
MicroGuard® Anti-Skid floor system delivers increased traction and slip resistance in addition to the chemical, abrasion, and mold resistances already provided by our siloxane floor treatments.
Our anti-skid treatment is ideal for ramps, food service lines, auto repair bays, stairs, and kitchens. Useful on concrete, hard tile, terrazzo and quarry tile, this system is easy to clean, water repellent, and quick to install. And because the system dries clear, you can achieve functionality without sacrificing aesthetics.
Concrete and Masonary Surfaces
MicroGuard® has concrete and masonry sealer options for all your needs. From sidewalks and patios, to food court mezzanines and auto shop floors, our All-In-One hard surface sealer penetrates deeply into concrete and brick pores and provides waterproofing, oil and chemical resistance, and even mitigates mold growth!
The siloxane treatment also leaves a beautiful, subtle sheen on treated surfaces, enhancing and preserving the colors of the material.
Tile and Terrazzo Surfaces

MicroGuard® All-In-One hard surface sealer is ideal for decorative stone, hard tile, and epoxy terrazzo floors. Once cured, the sealer locks out moisture, dirt, oils and chemicals.

Porous grout lines are protected from staining and the tiles are left with a beautiful, non-yellowing sheen that will last through years of wear and tear. Suitable for both vertical and horizontal surfaces, the Hard tile sealer eliminates the need for waxing or buffing and reduces care and maintenance costs

Anti Graffiti

Much energy, time and money is expended in the removal of graffiti. MicroGuard® Anti-Graffiti coating prevents paint, crayon, inks, and markers from adhering to treated surfaces, making removal a breeze. The Anti-graffiti coating is ideal for park benches, railings, concrete walls, elevators, painted surfaces, non-ferrous metals, and stainless steel. One treatment withstands several graffiti removals without staining or yellowing and can even extend the life of painted surfaces.

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