MicroGuard Products Testing

ASTM G21 – Mold Inoculation Test

MicroGuard AD00 – Anti-Graffiti Clear Surface Treatment
MicroGuard AD35 – Coil & Fin Clear Protective Treatment
MicroGuard AD95 – Corrosion  Protector Clear Treatments
MicroGuard AD702 – Concrete Clear Waterproofing Sealer
MicroGuard AD703 – Concrete Clear Gloss Treatment
MicroGuard AD708 – Hard Tile Clear Gloss Treatment
ASTM D 4060 – Taber Abrasion Test, MicroGuard AD703, AD708
ASTM D 2047-93 – Coefficient of Friction (James Machine) MicroGuard AD708

ASTM B117 – Salt Chamber Test, MicroGuard AD35

Internal – Adsil, Inc
External – DL Laboratories

HVAC Energy Testing, MicroGuard AD35

CDH Energy Corporation Summary
Florida Power & Light Final Report
EPA Energy Summary
Southern California Edison Energy Credits
Auburn University Laminar Flow Study
Atlas 2000 UV Chamber, MicroGuard AD35
USDA Certification, All MicroGuard Coatings

Rust Grip Product Testing

Rust Grip Product Testing List
Rust Grip ASTM B117, ASTM D714, ASTM D610
TR-Rust Grip-ASTM D-3273-Mold & Mildew – Buckman Labs
Rust Grip ASTM E-1795 Mildew Resistance
D-Rust Grip Chemical Resistance -SPI
Rust Grip – ASTM-D7088

Enamo Grip Product Testing

Enamo Grip – Chemical and Solvent Resistance
Enamo Grip – ASTM-E95 (Water Method)
Enamo Grip – ASTM-E84 (Surface Burning Characteristics)
Enamo Grip – ASTM-D6904 (Resistance to Wind Driven Rain)
Enamo Grip – ASTM-D5894, D610-08, & D714-02 (UV Radiation and 500 hr Salt Solution)
Enamo Grip – ASTM-D4060 (Tabor Abrasion)